Jim Nash Presents to FLL Teams

This was an exciting week in Koalabotz country; Oakland County Water Commissioner Jim Nash came to talk to the Koalabotz about our local use of human water.  Mr. Nash explored where our water comes from, how we treat our water to make it safe, and what happens to the water when we send it down the drain.  Mr. Nash was also gracious enough to invite our teams to tour a water treatment or sewage treatment facility; I will get into contact with his office to schedule an OPTIONAL field trip for our kids.  I encourage you all, if possible, to consider attending and bringing the family for some science fun!
This week the First Lego League (4-5) students and the FLL Jr. students (1-3) were excited to find that the Lego kits arrived. The First Lego League Team jumped right in and began to build their massive challenge board that consists of thousands of Lego pieces and multiple pages of instructions.  While the FLL kids were busy with their challenge board builds, each of the FLL Jr. Teams worked together to build the Lego water pumps that we will be using to create our Inspire models and I have to say the TEAM WORK was amazing!
A big thank you to my Mentor Parents this week, you did a GREAT JOB helping the kids manage all of those tiny pieces and you all did a fantastic job keeping the kids on task!  We are lucky to have so many wonderful parent volunteers!
This week for homework have your kids think about all the different ways you use water in your house.  Talk about the water we use to do laundry and wash our bodies, the laundry we use to water lawns, drink, feed pets, etc.  While you are using water ask them to think about ways they can save water.  Also, if time permits in your family, take a moment to read and watch the following videos on flushable fat and wipes and ask your students to consider ways to solve these problems:
I have uploaded pictures of this weeks events for the parents who were unable to see what we were up to.
Finally, please take a moment and register your students on the FIRST Lego dashboard.  All of our students must be register in order for us to attend events. If you do not receive the email invite to register your child/children, please contact Danielle Ohm.

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