Animal Magic


On January 18th, STEAM Club had a visit from Mark Rosenthal who runs Animal Magic a non-profit organization dedicated to exotic wildlife conservation and life science education. Now entering their 38th year, Animal Magic programs have educated and enlightened audiences across the U.S. with Mr. Mark’s unique blend of exotic animals, life sciences, and magical story telling. Educating the public and promoting conservation are just a couple of the many ways Animal Magic shows their commitment to the animal kingdom. When local animal control officers are confronted with a dangerous exotic, Mr. Mark and Animal Magic staff are sent in to rescue the often llegally obtained “pet.”  Additionally, Mr. Mark runs a fully licensed sanctuary that accepts most exotic animals (including venomous snakes) from private citizens and are dedicated to helping those who have discovered that owning this type of “pet” is unfair to the animal, potentially dangerous and typically far more difficult than they imagined.

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