Lizards and Turtle and Snakes OH MY!

This week at Kenbrook STEAM was everyone’s favorite Animal Night.  This session, instead of focusing on the cute and the cuddly, we focused on herpetology which is the study of reptiles and our little Koalas got to learn a lot about reptiles while studying them up close and personal.  Tonight kids had the opportunity to pet a skink, a tortoise, and other cool creatures AND they were able to hold snakes and an alligator.  The moment that brought the most laughs was when the alligator peed on someone IN the Media Center, don’t worry Alligator urine is sterile and we cleaned the carpet!

Next week we have Art Bots on the schedule, please note that we are still waiting for the last few pieces to arrive in the mail, if all of the materials don’t arrive in time for next week, we will being doing our flight activity, we ordered that stuff from Amazon with two day shipping we always have what we need in time.

Thanks to Tim at Muxlow’s Exotic Animals for a great educational experience!


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