On January 18th, STEAM Club had a visit from Mark Rosenthal who runs Animal Magic a non-profit organization dedicated to exotic wildlife conservation and life science education. Now entering their 38th year, Animal Magic programs have educated and enlightened audiences across the U.S. with Mr. Mark’s unique blend of exotic animals, […]

Animal Magic

    On February 1, STEAM Club students tested their engineering and build know how in the Trebuchet build off. The STEAM Club Koalas used PVC pipe, weights donated by the Myer family, and rope to launch Koosh balls across the gym…..Koalas were able to test what happens using different […]


  On February 8th, we conducted our annual STEAM Club Lego race car event and compared to last year’s craziness this year’s volume and excitement level was like a relaxing afternoon in the park…..the kids enjoyed building and rebuilding their cars to see who could achieve the fastest time on Mr. Jeff’s […]

Lego Race Cars

During STEAM Club this year out little Koalas have had the opportunity to work on their coding skills with the help of Lego Boost.  Jeff and Danielle were able to purchase 11 Lego Boost robots with help from a grant from the Farmington/Farmington Hills Education Foundation and sponsored by Bosch. The […]

Lego Boost

This week at Kenbrook STEAM was everyone’s favorite Animal Night.  This session, instead of focusing on the cute and the cuddly, we focused on herpetology which is the study of reptiles and our little Koalas got to learn a lot about reptiles while studying them up close and personal.  Tonight kids had […]

Lizards and Turtle and Snakes OH MY!

  Our Koalas were energetic this week, so we kicked off STEAM Club with a game of Human Hungry-Hungry Hippos to let them burn a little energy off before we started our craft.  This week’s craft is a variation of last year’s artbot, but in place of the restaurant to-go […]

Artbots 2.0